1999-Present Coventry University
Visiting Lecturer in Paint and Printmaking.

2005 Morpeth School London
Artbeat: Illustration workshop for ‘Allen & Overy at 75’.

2005 Petro Canada London
Painting workshop for executives.

2002-05 Morpeth School London
Painting workshops for Allen & Overy.

1999 Goldsmiths College
Tutorial visit.

1995-97 Croydon College
Visiting Lecturer in Theatre Design Drawing.

1993-96 De Montfort University
Visiting Lecturer in Painting and Drawing.

1994 Northampton College
Tutorial visit.

Chelsea School of Art – The London Institute
Studio visits from Fine Art students.

1989-93 West Surrey College of Art & Design
Visiting Lecturer in Painting and Print.

1989-90 Brighton Polytechnic
Tutorial visits.

North East London Polytechnic
Painting workshops.