In 2007 Harvey collaborated with master glass blower Tim Shaw at his studio in Adelaide to create a series of unique vessels entitled ‘Goya‘. The result is a marriage of the sensibilities of a painter and the experience and skill of Shaw’s blowing. Shaw brought his complete empathy, control and understanding of the physicality of glass as a medium to the creative process. In turn, based on her original drawings and colour selections, Harvey approached glass as if it were a fine art painting.

Inspired by Goya’s painting ‘The Water Carrier’, Harvey intended the vessels to lean like a woman carrying a jug, the weight of the form shifted, balancing on the hip and held to the breast. This has given each vessel an extraordinary sense of personality and presence; rather than being decorative, at once vessels deliver multiple meanings. Pierced to the heart, revealing inner and outer worlds, each expresses the intense sensuality found in Harvey’s paintings.