On Paper

‘I want to see every variation of a composition, there is no single visual solution but a united series of possible solutions’  VH

For several years Harvey has worked on many series of works on paper. These can be seen as running alongside her main activity of oil painting, because this parallel journey allows her to think and explore new forms: the various unifying qualities of works on paper such as scale, can licence minute yet significant shifts in expression at the same time.  There may be as many as 30 works on paper in any series, all united by particular compositional concerns and constants. Executed in the intense pigments of TW inks on Arches paper, the series ‘Reef’, ‘Communicator’ and ‘Surf’ were commissioned by Cellnet.

The instigation of a new image often starts as a watercolour; the direct fluidity and accessibility of this medium suits Harvey’s instinctive response. All of her travels and research are accompanied by creating watercolours.