The excitement of printing is in the process, you can take an image apart, lay it out on paper and examine it, it is always unexpected' VH

Harvey’s screen prints are conceived as prints therefore, and do not replicate her paintings. She explores the unique qualities of printmaking and the drawn gesture in relation to the paper; indeed, Harvey often uses the white of the paper as a dynamic element of space and depth within the image.

Print is essentially a graphic medium, and its nature demands an ability to create through drawing. Harvey might use as many as 28 colours in a print: each colour requires its own separate drawing to create a stencil for the final image, and each colour has to be separately printed. 

Printmaking is nevertheless a wonderful discipline for painting, as it requires the artist to think in layers and to consider what may happen several stages in advance of the final image – a vital visual projection.

Harvey has worked with master printmakers Advanced Graphics, Peter Morson and Quinton King.