Commissions East


Brief: to create a video installation (projected image 4 metres x 5 metres) for the curved 1960’s wall by the Red Lion Steps in Cromer, Norfolk, facing the North Sea. The final film, ‘Shifting Sands’, was 4 minutes long, shown on a continuous loop and created using Adobe After-Effects.

For the starting point of the work, Harvey selected an 1860’s photograph of the East Beach from the collection in Cromer Museum. Interested in the demarcation of space within the photograph by five boats, the groynes, cliffs and various figures on the beach, Harvey slowly transformed space, movement and form into an animated abstract painting.

In the final film, barriers between figuration and abstract form are dissolved as the work traces the memories and forgotten histories of the beach. The journey is seamless from one to the other, arriving at the abstract, dynamic forms of sea and land. Disintegration and repetition mimic the relentless waves upon the shore.