2004 Artlights Norfolk
Animated film made for public architectural projection. Work inspired by an 1860’s photograph of Cromer Beach, transforming the image into an abstract painting.

2001 Traffic Master Milton Keynes
4 linked works on paper 102 x 152 cms installed in a circular atrium. Brief to achieve visual impact and coherence from a distance of 20 metres.

2000 Cellnet Headquarters Leeds – Building 2
Entire visual solution for complex architectural space – essentially a glass building with open-plan floors. Final commission comprised 30 original works on paper 92 x 43 cms mounted in hand-made, curving Perspex frames to fit internal columns. Three distinct series of 10 compositionally linked works installed on two whole floors. Cellnet now hold some 90 of Harvey’s works in their corporate collection.

1998 Bankers Trust London
2 paintings 100 x 300 cms to be located on the trading floor. Initial brief to create work that would visually survive a dealing environment of 450 people and 900 computer screens. Following presentation of 4 alternative full colour studies (oil on paper), two studies selected for commission. Final paintings ‘Where in the World’ and ‘Wonderful World’ installed in August 1998.

1998 Cellnet Headquarters Leeds
51 original works on paper 92 x 43 cms. Six series of compositionally linked works created for three floors of the building.

1998 LSM London
Oil paintings to be installed as centrepiece of company boardroom and company identity; final image to be extended into the designed literature of major property location firm. Initial presentation of 2 alternative full colour studies. Final painting ‘Move With Time’ 92 x 122 cms installed in boardroom in July 1998; work explores cartographical references to Greater London and in particular, the River Thames. All company literature in circulation.

1997/8 Bass UK
On-going commission to create original works on paper for luxury bars in close collaboration with interior designers. Final commission comprised 34 original works on paper 92 x 122 cms together with 4 further works 183 x 122 cms and a selection of editioned screen prints.

1997 Hong Kong Telecom Hong Kong
Corporate identity across broad communications mix. Oil painting ‘Over The Border’ (now in another corporate collection) used as direct source for distinctive new design identity including main company letterhead and key literature.

1997 Hotel Kochi Japan
4 original work on paper 160 x 61 cms for the central hotel reception foyer. Final commission understands the tradition and composition of scroll painting and simultaneously embraces the unique geography of Kochi.

1996 Sinez London
6 works on paper 50 x 20 cms together with an oil painting 92 x 97 cms for the executive boardroom of Russian Oil Company based in Park Lane.

1996 Egon Zehnder International London
7 compositionally linked oil paintings 30 x 30 cms as the total visual solution for circular reception area together with 4 additional works on paper for adjacent meeting room.

1994 Project Office Furniture Cologne
Design concept for exhibition stand at Orgatex International Design Fair. Art direction and design for major company photographic shoots also undertaken.

1990 Libris Gallery Switzerland
Entire edition (100) of screen prints ‘Fast Forward II’.

1990 Garrard London
2 paintings commissioned by E.M.Green, director of leading jeweller; one work ‘Above and Below’ installed in his personal office.