Honiton Festival May 1996 exhibition
Boyd & Evans Vanda Harvey Robert Maclaurin David Nash Colin Rose John Virtue
Catalogue forward by Iain Gale


Selected text:

At the other end of the artistic equation, the painter Vanda Harvey is at pains to emphasise that her work is not tied to one particular location but concerned with what she calls ‘a universal understanding of the mass of land’. Harvey paints large, eight-by-five-foot lyrical abstract oils in which her artistic handwriting is immediately recognisable. Her starting point is an aerial perspective which echoes that of the celebrated St.Ives abstractionist, Peter Lanyon. Having established the geometric framework for her images, through her memory of topography observed from high above, Harvey will then allow gesture to take precedence. As blue give way to electric orange and green, the surface of her painting seems almost to vibrate and the viewer is lured through layer upon layer of colour into the ambient space ‘beyond’. Thus Harvey hints at the existence of another presence within our sightlines, if we go high enough. It is part physical, part metaphysical deeper than the surface patterns and outside our everyday perception of the world around us.